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And that’s not something you expect when you are a year shy of 50. For the past four months, I have regularly been subjected to a staggering 69,000 injections in my face, as one of the first people in the country to trial the latest, non-surgical facelift on the market.

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Because the stares have been followed up with the most compliments I have ever had about my skin in my entire life.

Ouch! I've had a facelift with 69,000 needles. but this

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Unlike lasers that burn the surface of the skin, Intracel injects radiofrequency heat energy into the deepest layers of the skin via needles as fine as a human hair.

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Love’ Songs in de Top 2000 -

It works by creating thousands of microscopic wounds which stimulate tired old skin cells to go into overdrive, producing new, fresh, young collagen.Ouch! I've had a facelift with 69,000 needles. but this

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